Theme of camp (more or less cfm)

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Theme of camp (more or less cfm)

Post by jylim on 17th August 2008, 11:48 pm

had discussion todae n we came out with a theme of the camp(as in how we execute the camp)
- bus idea.

--> everyone is a passenger,nametags designed in the form of a bus ticket n all

--> teams r grped according to bus no. n their own team name.

--> 'the buses' will be stopping in diff station or bus interchange(eg:da ti game) for them to alight.

--> in da ti, there will be stamp redemption whr pts will be accumulated.(1st prize:gold platinum award for the bus n soo on)

--> for those who did exceptionally well..maybe jing shen prize or wad...thr will be getting seasonpass privileges(eg:other teams need to help them get food,able to decide the order of when they want to come out for competition such as the acting n cheering competition)

link for sbstransit:

ps:try to think more of the small details we can do to make the whole bus theme more interesting. thanks. Very Happy

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Re: Theme of camp (more or less cfm)

Post by huijun on 23rd August 2008, 12:13 am


just realised I have saved this flash. The concept is almost similar to our theme. Perhaps can spark off some ideas for the videos... nyatdhlrqb

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