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Re: [REVIEWS] Singapore Dreaming

Post by shermainoslim on 17th August 2008, 6:17 pm


1. sypnosis
The whole movie depicts a middle income family of 6 who struggles under the typical customs of the Chinese family – Valuing a son more than a daughter and how when monetary issues matter more than kinship.
Father: Seems to never realise his wife’s contribution to the family as she is only a housewife and he claims she’s practically life a frog in a well. Works for the courts to confiscate items from people who owe the bank huge amounts of money. Has a mistress outside without the family knowing and his son is the apple of his eye. Won 2 million dollars in a lottery and died of heart attack shortly thereafter.

His wife is a typical quiet housewife. Routine: Marketing, housework, cooks herbal tea for the family and her son is the apple of her eye. Bears with husband looking down on her always and looks forward to having grandchildren. Left the shattered family after the husband’s death to start life anew.

Daughter: Eldest of the 2 kids, works as a secretary who is unhappy with her job and is currently expecting through the movie. She’s always living under the brother’s shadow and never get to further her studies till uni despite her good grades. Always in constant desire to get her parent’s attention while she always at odds with her brother

Brother: Unrealistic yet constantly seeking for high dreams. Just got back from the States and never completed his degree as promised but kept the family in the dark nevertheless. Always reaching out money from his parents and girlfriend and taking them for granted. His unrealistic goals eventually landed him in a lawsuit and getting no where.

Son-in-law: Was signed on with the army previously and just got out. Stuck in an unhappy job selling insurance and always get indirect pressure from his wife to bring back more money as their first child is to be born soon. Through the movie, he’s always demoralised and felt at loss on his career direction. Typical bo-chap fella with the in-laws as he was always looked down by the father in-law.

Gf of the Brother: hardworking, filial with her in laws (staying with them as well as she had lost her parents), scrimp and save to support bf in the States and yearn to get married to him. Through the movie, she was a supportive girlfriend who has a typical xiao nu ren mentality and seeks to always put her bf’s issues before herself. Saw through the boyfriend’s misacts and left him eventually.

2. opinion
The whole show did brings out a relatively good and down to earth feeling on how Singaporeans endless pursue to the 5Cs which indirectly causing the irrelevant stress to meet to our desires while directly straining family ties to make ends meet.

3. good n bad aspects of the movie
it will give our fellow campers a good advice on how they should not take our life as a material rat race however they would not be able to feel it directly in their lives as the whole movie is set in a very adult environment which i feel personally only a society slog creature will understand. It will not give them an immediate inspiration on the direction of life or how colourful they can fulfil it to be. Most to most, campers might feel only more inspired to have closer kinship.

4. relation to theme
I feel the movie might be able to move age group between 18-early 20s instead.


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Re: [REVIEWS] Singapore Dreaming

Post by jylim on 18th August 2008, 12:06 am

agree.this seems to reach out for the older crowd.

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