dadi game(change of planning hols game)

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dadi game(change of planning hols game) Empty dadi game(change of planning hols game)

Post by jylim on 8th October 2008, 12:44 am

Adult/parents stage
planning hol game---->scenario game
-indoor(prefably indoor/outdoor)
-whole group
-will get to experience a detailed sequence of what their praents went thru b4 bringing them to hols.
-need to strategize the game,grps can organize whichever order they want to go to after final confirmation with travel agency
-teazm to finish fastest win.

ptA----(1)------(2+3)------(4)--------(5)--------pt B

-at Pt A,grp members will grab from a box the selected country for holiday,a schedule is also given to let them know when is the free time to have a holiday
-(1),they need to go to this station(travel agency) to select a suitable timing for hols
-(2+3),at this stop,they need to apply leave from company.(2)leave document to be filled up and checked(someone will be thr to chop the doc).(3)the leave document needs to be approved by boss aft which.However,3 tasks will be given by the boss b4 leave is approved.Members of the grp need to decided themselves hw to split up the wrk
*to make coffee so as to plz the boss
*staple documents,punchholes and do filing
*list of figures to key in excel format.
-go back to (1) to cfm the tickets to the destination
-(4)members need to take passport pictures for their passports--everyone needs to smile very brightly.
-(5),members then need to pack luggage at this station--we will be giving a list of what to bring for them to packed within 2 luggage bags
-pt b,final stop which is the custom where we need to check whether the'what to bring';ist is correct and also check pics of everyone is smiling happily.

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