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Warm up warm up! Empty Warm up warm up!

Post by janicesit on 18th August 2008, 2:35 am

These are all the normal warm up games...i'm sure everyone noes..but den i'll jus put it here ba..

1.Animal Game
Objective(s): To promote interaction and hand coordination
How it is played:
1. Everyone to sit in a circle
2. One by one, the players will take turns to show a hand signal related to an animal that will identify them
3. When everybody has finished, they are to all keep a beat: 2 slaps of the lap then a clap of the hands
4. The player to start first will act his out his hand signal, followed by another person’s signal (clap clap signal; clap clap ~another signal~)
5. The person ‘called’ must then repeat his own signal and ‘call’ somebody else
6. When somebody misses more than one beat or calls back the person who called him, he rakes up a forfeit

Logistics: -
Pointers to note:
- A player may not ‘call’ back the person who called him
- A player may not miss more than one beat

2. Murderer
Objective(s): To promote interaction
How it is played:
1. Everyone to sit in a circle and close their eyes
2. An game master will appoint a number of murderers and policemen(One tap on the back or head for murderer; Two taps for a policeman.)
3. When done, the game master announces that it is time to open their eyes and announces the number of murderers and policemen there are
4. The murderers will wink at people to kill them; when winked at, the player must announce that he has been killed; the policemen must try to identify the killer
5. The game is over when all the murderers have been caught
Logistics: -
Pointers to note:
- The number of murderers and police should be proportionate to the number of people playing. It is up to the game master discretion.
- A murderer may not kill another murderer; if a murderer has been winked at, he may ignore it.
- A murderer may not kill a police; if a policeman has been winked at, he may catch the murderer.
- Once killed or caught, he is out of the game.

3.Who? What? Huh?
Objective(s): To promote interaction
How it is played:
1. The 3 words must go in sequence. i.e. “Who”, then “What”, then “Huh”
2. One person looks to the person on his right and said “Who?”
3. The person will then look to his right and said “Who?” again
4. The game continue in this anti-clockwise direction
5. To switch to clockwise direction, the person being called will have to look back at the person who called him and said “What?”
6. To continue in this clockwise direction, say “What?” to the person on your left
7. To change the direction to anti-clockwise again, say “Huh?” to the person on your right
8. So as long as there is a change in the direction of the game, you need to change the word you say
Logistics: -
Pointers to note:
- This game becomes more fun when played at a faster speed

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