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Post by Jian long on 27th August 2008, 12:36 am

i found another movie called "Helen The Baby Fox"
Its based on a true story in Hokkaido.
The main character is Taichi, a young boy who has just arrived from the big city to live with a veterinarian and his daughter.
One day after school, Taichi discovers a cub of a northern foxnear the side of a road.
Taichi decides to take care of the cub despite objections of those around him.
The baby fox could not see, hear, nor bark due to some kind of illness/ disease/ medical condition, so Taichi names it Helen, after helen keller, the first blind, deaf and mute woman who was able to communicate using the sign language.
Helen slowly begins to respond to Taichi's devoted caring and strives to live, in spite of her frail body.
Taichi and his veterinarian family watch over Helen with encouragement and love.
According to the veterinarian, the cub should have died within two/three days, but due to Taichi's care and concern, its life span was increased to close to three weeks.
Its quite a touching story, and the story plot, i feel could linked to "life"
It is available in both chinese and japanese language, and it also has a chinese title which i think is appropriate to the theme "life".
Currently, i have the dvd now, but i may have to return it to the library by 29/8/08, i see if i can renew it...

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Post by adrxuan on 29th August 2008, 11:02 am

Isit related to "choices in life" ?


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