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Basic Outlines (to be modified) Empty Basic Outlines (to be modified)

Post by Qiao Yi on 28th August 2008, 12:32 am

Hey ppl. Sorry for the super late update ya. Yang Qing's really busy looking after her sick dad so I'm taking over her job temporarily.

For the fire drill, Yang Qing said we can stimulate a real fire drill. Like alarm rings, ppl evacuate via designated escape routes and line up somewhere safe – that kinda thing.

In the course of the whole thing, Yang Qing also suggests that we have some “victims” (becoz there are always accidents in all escapes right) and the kids will have to decide who to save, how to save, etc. I feel that this can further highlight our “Choices of Life” theme. But I dunno whether the victims should be some of the older kids or from the youth group itself.

Oh yeah, I suggest that there will be 3 main leaders to oversee the whole fire drill. One to oversee the lining up of the kids, one to check that the “building” is completely empty and one to oversee the whole drill (I think this overall leader should be one of the lao shi?) Should we also include a few “fire fighters”, “police officers” or “reporters” like the Nicoll Highway exercise?

What do you guys think?
Please reply and I’ll work with Yang Qing to modify this plan!

Qiao Yi
Qiao Yi
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