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Post by jylim on 15th September 2008, 10:54 pm

PLZ refer to huimin minutes for our newest trailer details.

For the last meeting at my place,we decided to come up with a script but different people will just say different parts of it.we actually film some of it and hopefully the next meeting we can film n discuss more.

There will also be a narrator to talk abit before the whole "interview" starts.will say sth like we interviewed various ppl from diff races abt our upcoming event of the year.
- can have different types of graduates from the camp talking:nerdy person talks n become more excited n throw specs ont he floor.
-professor lookalike person with big peice of white paper with outline of what normal camp is like,then tears paper up.

pls tink of more suggestions here.

our rough script:

well, This won't be what you expect it to be. there's a word for it.
Its different?noooo.extraodinary?noooo.enchanting?no!tantalising?Nope.Invigorating?nooo...scintillating?no..its more of a mixed of those words and i guess thr isnt a word for it.well.beyong words.Thats it!beyong words (indian style). choices ar..i feel ar..it really hor give me a more clear life la,neber expect to be a better person la..which i choose to be oso la..you catch the ball anot?you coem camp.sure zi bai clear clear. You know wad im talking a nt....(ahbeng/lian style)..talking abt the camp.its 3 days 2 nights.its shorter than i feels to be..there's performance,activites,games,food little lessons but learn a lot. ask your friends.team members.siblings.cousins.anyone.(split be alot of ppl--eg:jaap,cheena)

be the man/woman.do the right thing.join the camp!

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our new trailer discussion Empty Re: our new trailer discussion

Post by Marquis De Carabas on 10th October 2008, 5:05 pm

just a sample of the 'majulah singapura' part i posted on my old blog.

Marquis De Carabas
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