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Post by janicesit on 6th August 2008, 10:17 pm

Ok..let's start the ball rolling.I have some ideas of some warm up games. Do give suggestions if it's workable or not.

1. Name: Dodgeball!

Type: Competitive – 2 teams of 5 each

Description: 3 balls will be placed in the center. The teams will rush forward to grab the balls. Each team must stand behind their own lines (not center line) to throw any ball. If any ball hits a member of the other team, that member is out. If a ball is caught instead, the thrower is eliminated and a member from the same team will come back into the game. The first team to eliminate all the members of the opposing team wins.

• No physical contact is allowed during the snatching of balls. Both members will be eliminated if that happens.
• During the snatching of balls, members cannot cross into the other team’s court. Penalty is elimination.
• All balls thrown must be aimed at below the waist.

Logistics: 3 volleyballs or similar “soft” balls.

2. Name: Crab Soccer

Type: Competitive – 2 teams

Description: Same as a soccer match. But all players must have both hands and feet on the ground at all times, with back facing the ground. Only legs may be used to kick the ball. Each match will be around 5 minutes.

• There will be a minimum of physical contact. Referee will immediately restart the ball if there are any disputes.
• Briefing will be conducted to advise players not to kick too hard.

Logistics: 1 ball. 2 mini goal posts or some objects to mark the goal.

3.Name: Blind Throwing

Type: Team Cooperative game

Description: A member of the team will be blindfolded and in charge of throwing balls. The other group members will be tied back to back with a bucket in between them. They are supposed to catch as many balls as they can when the blindfolded member throw them.

Logistics: buckets, balls.

4. Name: Special Delivery!

How it is played:
The pair is supposed to transport a ping pong ball from 1 end to another end of the playing area. 1 “special dice” will be thrown. Each face of the dice represents a part of the body: Elbow, armpit, cheek, butt, stomach and back. The pair will use the 2 parts of the body indicated to transport the ping pong ball. 1 person “contributing” 1 body part, and only those 2 parts are allowed to hold or touch the ball at all times. This will be played twice. For the 2nd time, the ping pong ball will be brought to the next challenge.

- 4 x Ping pong balls
- 1 x “special dice” of dimensions 50cm by 50cm by 50cm (can be a cube made of paper with drawings)

5. Name: Blow Ping Pong Blow
How it is played:
A route using raffia string will be placed on the ground. Using the ping pong ball, they are supposed to blow the ping pong ball along the route drawn. Should the ping pong ball goes out of track, the game will be restarted.

- 1 x roll of raffia string
- 1 x scissors
- 1 x sticky tape

6. Name: BlindShaper
Objective: A leader is selected from the group. All players except the leader are blindfolded. The blindfolded will form a circle with each holding onto a long continuous piece of raffia. Leader is to guide the group to form whatever shape as requested from the Station ICs, without leaving his spot in the center of the group and physical contact. Shapes can be a ‘star’, ‘square’, ‘Star of David’ etc.

Raffia string
Stop Watches

Pointers to note: Timing by the different groups to be recorded. Shapes are accepted in accordance of the Station ICs.

7. Name: Marker Stepping

Objective: Campers to form a human chain holding hands. Campers are to step on the markers on the ground in proper order without breakage of the chain, marker by marker. The 1st person will step on marker1 during the first turn. Second turn the 1st person will step on marker2, and the 2nd person will step on marker1. Third turn the 1st person will step on marker3, and the 2nd person will step on marker2, the 3rd on marker1. The game continues until the last person steps on the last marker. Campers will have to go around, under and over the chain to complete the game.

Paper with numbers
Masking Tape
Stop Watches

Pointers to note: Timing by the different groups to be recorded. Points deduced when chain is broken.

8. Name: Chair Transportation
Objective: A line marked by masking tape on the floor. Line is twisting and littered with obstacles like boxes and barrels. A line of chairs is placed on the starting point of the tape. Players are to stand on the chairs and move all the chairs to the ending point while stepping on the chairs and remaining in their positions. Players must try to skirt around the obstacles in order to clear them.

Chairs (8-10)
Obstacles – paper boxes, pails, etc
Masking Tape
Stop Watches

Pointers to note: Points may be deducted by the Station ICs whenever someone lands on the ground or touches the obstacles. Timing by the different groups to be recorded. Station IC is to be moving around the entire row of chairs, to grab any person who may lose balance and fall.

Safety Precautions: Station ICs are to stop campers from trying to perform dangerous stunts whenever they deem necessary. Observe safety during the traveling from station to station. Observe proper traffic rules, like using the crossing instead of jaywalking.

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Warm up games Empty Re: Warm up games

Post by adrxuan on 7th August 2008, 10:00 am

I like the idea of the "blind throwing game". Smile

It sounds fun~~~i tink it can be used for 大地游戏 too if we tink of a concept for it.


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