da di game(baby/toddler stage)

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da di game(baby/toddler stage) Empty da di game(baby/toddler stage)

Post by jylim on 8th October 2008, 12:27 am

1.pulling game-details alr in

2.'spot the difference game'

-individual grps go into a room and hv to spot what is wrong or what is not supposed to be in the room

Props/things needed/things dat are wrong:
1.old calendar
2.fake sweets-->mk from marbles
3.spoilt clock/wrong time
4.needle on baby cot
5.specs without lens(worn on the counsellor when intro-ing the game)
6.Person wear inside-out top
7.yoyo with broken string or very short string
8.masak-kitch toys with real kife or untensils among it
9.adult diapers ina kid's diaper's packaging
10.baby bottle filled with soft drinks
11.curtain make of newspaper
12.inverted ABC words
13.telephone that does not fit
14.rocks in pillow
15.comic book cover change to other comic covers
16.flask with fake flowers but with water inside
17.mercedes sign change to peace sign
18.vcd cover with diff cd inside
19.baby handprint with 6 fingers
20.baby shorts sewn together.

3.experiencing baby/toddler
-by pairs (maybe one of the hands tied up together)
-played outdoors/indoors
-series of games
-items needed:wet small napkin tied ard the neck,plastic bags to cover hands/knees to prevent injury

pt A -------------------------------------------------------pt B
purple area: need to crawl like toddler (maybe can put lots of strings to look like spiderweb while crawling)
brown area: tie own hands and legs with other team member. stop to feed each other with water/milk using spoon
(5 spoonsful)
rest of the area: move towards next top where we will use peg to hang sweets on higher ground,both team members need to use only their mouth to each bite down a pacifier.
-run back to pt A with sweet in the mouth,then next pair shall continue(a pair can only bitw down 1-2 sweets)

most sweets bite down will win win the game

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