Planning holiday (Change to Scenario Game)

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Planning holiday (Change to Scenario Game) Empty Planning holiday (Change to Scenario Game)

Post by janicesit on 8th October 2008, 1:58 am

The whole group will play together as a family. There is a time limit for the game. They are to finish everything that needs to be done within a time frame.
1. Lucky draw dip to pick a country they are going
2. Look at the Schedule of Calender, when is the free period that can apply leave to go for holidays
3. Go to agency to see if the timing of the country is suitable to go for holiday
4. Apply leave: 2 station is set up. Go to 1st station to vet the application form, 2nd station is for boss to sign. Boss may give them obstacles (3 tasks) for them to do in order to approve the leave. (make coffee to please boss, key in figures in excel, filing+punch hole+stapling)
5. after that go back to first station for the person who vet the application form to chop for approval
6. Go to agency to confirm the ticket and booking
7. Everyone need to take a passport photo for visa. They need to put on a white jacket. Their teeth need to be seen and there should be no hair covering their forehead.(guys might need to use a hairband)
8. Pack luggage: stuff the things given to them into 2 luggage bags
9. To the airport: Luggage need to be checked by custom, check passport photo, passport need to be chopped
10. Shortest time to finish everything will win

Travel brochure
Schedule of calendar (when is free to apply leave)
Application form for leave
White shirt
Coffee powder
Hot water bottle
Small cup
Hole puncher
2 luggage bag
Fire extinguisher
Water bottle
Cup noodle

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