Pregnant Woman out on a trip

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Pregnant Woman out on a trip Empty Pregnant Woman out on a trip

Post by janicesit on 8th October 2008, 1:39 am

1. at pt A, wear water balloon and pregnant clothes, complicated shoes (wigs included for guys)
2. walk across the obstacles
3. have to walk under a bamboo(mambo dance)
4. crawl over to point A(throw things/balloon)
5. at pt B, sit down and paint toe nails, they’re also being asked some questions related to pregnancy. Their nails got to be completely covered with nail polish. Do not need to wear back the shoe after painting nails.
6. same procedure back, crawl over, mambo back to starting point, and pass on to the next team mate

pt A (dress up) ------obstacles-------mambo------crawl over-------pt B (paint toe nail)

Pregnant clothes
Complicated shoes
Very big box/ long table for crawling
Nail colour (red, black, yellow, green)

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