[Meeting Minutes] 3rd August 2008

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[Meeting Minutes] 3rd August 2008

Post by adrxuan on 10th August 2008, 3:32 pm

I'm uploading the minutes that Huimin sent to all of us here.

Anyway a small error in the minutes~

Movies : Jia Yi Zi Xuan, Hui Min and Jiong Yu

Main points to take note:

Duties Assignment:

Movies : Zi Xuan, Hui Min and Jiong Yu
Music : Zi Xuan
Logistics: Jun Jie and Jian Long
Medic: Yang Qin
Fire Drill: Wu Laoshi, Yang Qing and Rong Jun
Ice-Breaking Games: Yang Qing and Mei Hua
Warm-Up Games: Jia Yi and Hui Min
大地游戏 : Jia Yi, Mei Hua, Jing Zhi, Wan Ling and Qiao Yi
表演大赛:Individual Groups (Youth group to contribute ideas together)

Pending Duties: Yuan Kai, Jia Hao, Yao Zong, Li Jun, Xue Wei, Hui Jun and Zhen Zhu

Please download the minutes either from the mail that Huimin sent or download them here.

Click to download


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