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Meeting_Minutes_Dated_26_Oct_08 Empty Meeting_Minutes_Dated_26_Oct_08

Post by janicesit on 27th October 2008, 3:10 pm


This is yesterday's minutes. 2xfl0j5abm

as for the warm up games (colour games), do u all think will warm them up on the first day? cos from their reaction yesterday, maybe they need more action games to warm them up.

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Post by Sis Hui Ping on 27th October 2008, 4:02 pm

Hi Guys,
Sorry, i was not in the discussion for your games yesterday....but would like a suggestion. as this group of students usually do not react very well to songs...perhaps u may want to reconsider about the "Color songs" game though it does not required props..
It can still be played on bus.

but on ground, will it be better if there is a game that strengthen their team spirit? Just for your consideration.

BTW, the teachers will be having final 演练for the warm up & Da Di on
18 Nov 8-10.30pm..we would need your attendance for leading the games with the teachers.
Apologise as time is a bit rush coz we are all busy on weekends due to classes in temple..hence we can only make it on weekdays

Sis Hui Ping

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Post by huijun on 28th October 2008, 7:20 pm

Hi, sorry I don't understand this part of the minutes, and have some suggestions.

f. Decoration of the chalet
- According to our theme: Bus
- Things needed:
-mahjong paper
- cardboard (for making of door)
- string (for bus handle)
- scissors
- glue

the door- really going to make one big big door? If use cardboard it's not very durable.hee. might fall apart in the process of transportation.what is the use of the door? cause if it is only for decoration then not very worth it to make a durable door but only for display...or we can just do modifications to the real door at chalet. same thing for the bus handle. I guess what you all had in mind is the triangular bus handle on top that we hold on to. Can we find some use for it? maybe hang something there related to our camp or something. or em some hints or something. etc. As in must find some use for it that is related to our camp activities/aims/goals/etc.

Otherwise 我们做到那么辛苦 then in the end only for display and link to our theme a bit wasted.

em, cause the minutes not very detailed, so I'm not very sure of the picture you all had in mind either. so just a tiny thought I had la. maybe my interpretation was wrong.

Anyway, a tiny suggestion, other than the set up of the bus, perhaps we can have the scenery outside the bus? As in things that we may see on a bus ride. Or in life journey.

then there's this idea brewing in my head, but can't develop it further. I think we have discussed it before... As in maybe the camp head may be the "bus conductor" then perhaps based on some criteria reward them with a bus ticket which perhaps will render them help in activities. Like 突击检查kind of thing. But then again our games are not very hard... so I don't know if it can be used. Or maybe they can get extra food/borrow props for performance/etc. Aiyah, in short I know got this idea but don't know where it can be used. haha.

Sorry, I think I got a bit technical, but still feel that if we're going to make something there has got to have a bigger use to it. cause we're putting in alot of effort to make it pretty and nice. ya, anyway em my exams end 14 nov, after that i'll 从出江湖again. haha. see ya then. Smile

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