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details of dadi games Empty details of dadi games

Post by jylim on 30th September 2008, 1:34 am

Baby/toddler stage

1. the pulling game,already discussed earlier and inside the earlier post(pls ref to dat)
-outdoor game
-can be played by whole group or half the grp
-most water transpoted win

2.'spot the difference',discussed earlier also
-played indoors,prefably in a room
-will be having baby/toddler stuff ard the rm
-small differences such as the milk is cold/items dat r not supposed to be in a toddler's room such as sharp stuff n all
-played by entire grp
-most differences spotted win

3.experiencing baby/toddler
-by pairs (maybe one of the hands tied up together)
-played outdoors/indoors
-series of games
-items needed:wet small napkin tied ard the neck,plastic bags to cover hands/knees to prevent injury

pt A -------------------------------------------------------pt B
purple area: need to crawl like toddler (maybe can put lots of strings to look like spiderweb while crawling)
brown area: stop to feed each other with water/milk using spoon
rest of the area: move towards next top where we will use peg to hang the pacifier on higher ground,both team members need to use only their mouth to each bite down a pacifier.
-run back to pt A with pacifier in the mouth,then next pair shall continue

-fastest grp win.

Teenager stage

4. "don't listen to parents'game
-alr discussed earlier,details in earlier file
-by trio
-indoor game
-earphone with music for one team member
-one teammate mouth the words,while another will be the mouthing teammate hands(hiding behind the teammate)
-most words guessed correctly in shortest time win ur parents make a balanced meal
-outdoor game
-played by whole grp
-need to plan out a healthy diet with the right calories/vitamins n all
-list of ingredients will be given
-however,it will be scattered all around a certain area eg:fake veges/paper with the ingredient pasted on grass/trees.hiding in somewhr,similar to treasure hunt
-grp with fastest speed and most healthy meal win

6.friendship station
-played by whole grp
-choose a combination of 2 games
-->making of a huge friendship band using thick ropes
-->Domino effect
--> doing a exact shape of a sample jenga bricks
--> SMS(very long passage related to friendship but need to use shortform so that it can fit within the 160 words limit)
-finish both games and in short time wins

Adult/parents stage

7.the pregnanacy game
-played by one person each time,everyone in grp need to complete the game
-items needed:big water balloon,pregnancy clothes,nail polish
-will be a process of how a pregnant woman gets ready to go out

ptA-----------------------------------------------------pt B

red: wear preganat woman clothes plus water ballon and complicated shoes and walk thru/up and down some obstacles such as chairs or tables
purple:need to sit down and paint toenails perfectly.meantime questions related to a woman getting pregnant will be asked
last part:run to pt B to ans questions being asked and then head back thru obstacles to the next team member
-fastest and nails done perfectly plus water balloon does not burst wins

8. Checking homewrk game
-indoor game
-whole grp involved
-lots of test papers to mark(MCQ,compo,spelling)
-can c in anyway u prefer
-each team member needs to mark diff items
-however,every 15 secs,they will need to change their marked items to the next member to continue marking
-most marked correctly test papers will win

9.planning holiday game
-whole team
-to plan a budget for one week holiday
-brouchures will be given
-team hv to write down and justify the style of hol
-cheapest,most occupied and fun filled hols will win

Old aged stage
-played by one person each
items needed:small shoe,bandage,bag of water,passage

pt A---------------------------------------pt B

-player needs to dressed up and walked thru obstacles(throwing balls) to reach pt B
-at pt B,player needs to read passage(in small font) and memorize as many words as possible
-turn 10 rounds and then walk to blue section
-counsellor will start naggin session whr you will need to repeat a sentence repeatedly for a few times
-go back to pt a and jot down wadever you can recall
-other memebers will also go thru same process to get as many words as possible
-end of the game,grp needs to come out the same passage at pt B
-winner will be the one dat has the similar passage and take shorter time

pls give more suggestions if u have any opinions on the games as we still need more refinement.thanks!

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