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Post by jylim on 17th October 2008, 11:56 pm

will be split into 3 categories namely:family,friends and school.
we will be giving them a scenario-problem and they have to act out the solution both gd and bad.
-there will be 2 boxes for them to choose.One box the grps will have to choose the theme/storyline of their act.
-in another box, they will have to choose whether is an advertisement or normal story.

1. Family(freedom)
-'controlling' parents
-->might do things such as asking siblings to tag along,acting as spies
-->keep calling children to check where they are

-the 'don't care'parents
-->children can do whatever they like

-children just being rebellious due to peer pressure/growing up stage

-parents always quarrelling
-getting gd grades(can be the children giving stress themselves or the parents)
-siblings comparison

2.Friends(peer pressure)
-taking drugs
-join gangs
-Blindly following trends(can be fashion,gadgets,internet-computer addiction,BGR)


-Gang fights(violence)
-stress for results(can also be having bad teachers)
-playing traunt
-very compeitive in getting gd grades

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