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Scenarios for biao yan da sai Empty Scenarios for biao yan da sai

Post by janicesit on 17th November 2008, 2:59 am

will be split into 3 categories namely:family,friends and school.
we will be giving them a scenario-problem and they have to act out the solution both gd and bad.
-there will be 2 boxes for them to choose.One box the grps will have to choose the theme/storyline of their act.
-in another box, they will have to choose whether is an advertisement or normal story.

1. Family(freedom)

Scenario 1: 'controlling' parents

XXX do not have any freedom. Parents have daily schedule set up and have to follow strictly, even during the holidays. Have to be top 3 in the class. Inside handphone only have dad or mumís number, prepaid card. Cannot use msn, can only use for online research. Lock entertainment website. Parents will fetch to and fro home. Have to keep receipt of things bought, limited pocket money. Parents will know all his/her friends. Siblings will follow them when they go out (if they have siblings), they act as spies, if thereís anything siblings will inform parents. Keep calling children to check where they are. When friends call, parents will keep asking who that person is, especially when the caller is of opposite sex. Parents will choose their clothing, cannot be too revealing/ of certain length or design. Buy lots of assessment for them to do, lots of tuition. BUT parents will buy things to satisfy him/her, score well take him/her out to play. Suddenly realise no friends, loner. Cannot take it, see friends like tat also want to go out with friends. getting gd grades(can be the children giving stress themselves or the parents)
-siblings comparison He/she wanted to tell mum about it. He try to rebell abit and talk back, but parents more strict.

Scenario 2: Family violence

XXX father jobless, lead to gambling and drinking. XXX is a obedient kid. Father keep beating mum and XXX up and scold them. -parents always quarrelling
.XXX got to take up part time job. Stress a lot, from prefect to grades drop.

Scenario 3: spoilt brat

From rich family, only child in the family. Give whatever he or she wants. Even if theyíre wrong, parents will not scold them. When they do wrong in school, parents scold teacher instead. Gradually, take parents for granted, 孩子越来越放纵。

2.Friends(peer pressure)

Scenario 4: peer pressure (smoking)

XXX is a good student, but no friends. One day, a group of friends came up to him/her approach him/her. Nobody ever talks to him/her, so mix with them, go out with them, join gangs. Grades drop, play truant, talk back to teacher. One day, one of the friends realise he/she didnít smoke, then ask why. So too much pressure(coward, not their friends), end up smoking. Addicted to smoking.

Scenario 5: Anorexia/Bulimia

XXX clique of friends are skinny type. Even mum also comment he or she is fat. He or she feels very fat, then try not to eat. Gradually, Eat already very guilty then vomit out. Hungry just drink water, and exercise to sweat out everything. Rejected by guys because too fat. Feels tired, lose concentration. One day, she have a fit, and fainted...

Scenario 6: Blindly following trends (BGR)

Thereís a new trend in school. Everyone has a bf/gf except me. At first feel theyíre stupid/jealous. All close friends have stead. During recess keep talking about bgr things. When they ask him/her have or not..donít have. Valentineís day everyone go out with their steads instead and XX has no one to go out with. Feels lonely, envy people, walk on the streets saw lots of couple. One day, a guy/ girl approach XX and make friends and treat XX very well. The person looks good and became the spotlight within his/her friends.


Scenario 7: School bully (Girls)

New in school, with a click of friends in school. They are in in girls in school. Realise their friends donít like some people in school. SMS bad rumours about her. XX try to help the person being bullied. Someone saw her help the girl. Ignore, throw things, lock up in toilet. Scratch table, draw textbook, pour water into bags. Donít dare to say out, parents feel weird why grades suddenly drop.

Scenario 7: School bully (Boys)

A nerd XXX always mind his own business and live peacefully. During lesson, bully say something wrongly then XX correct him. Bully 不爽,start to ask XX do homework, buy things don pay back, start to extort money. Hesitate to give $, bully beat him upÖ

Scenario 8: wants to leave gang

Under friends influence join ABC gang, fights etc. Get into serious fight and broke someoneís head, saw blood. Realise things are getting serious, tries to get out of the gang. He realise if he wants to leave the gang, has to be beaten up. Parents don care about him, friends that he know last time already left him.. He has no one to turn to..

Scenario 8: competitive

Very competitive, results very good. When ask for help, she won lend notes to anyone, scared others will score better than her. Take and throw notes when being seen left there. No friends, all she wanted is to score well. Teacher talked to her. IQ high, EQ low.

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